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About ICEC World Congress 2022

ICEC World Congress 2022 is a global conference of the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) to be held in conjunction with and hosted by the Dutch Association of Cost Engineers.

The congress is scheduled to be held from 12 – 15 June, 2022 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and brings together cost & value professionals, policy makers and  Principals from around the globe for seminars and workshops with industry and policy experts.

A world class line-up of speakers will take the stage at this year’s congress in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The congress opens on June 12th at De Doelen Rotterdam and runs through until June 15th.

The world is rapidly changing in many ways; digitalization, global warming, Covid-19, etc. have a huge impact on the world where we live in. Despite all the changes we want to have a predictable outcome of projects. The theme of the conference is therefore “Predictable projects in a dynamic world”.

“The congress is designed to educate professionals towards a variety of global industries that powers from precision. Cost and value professionals are critical thinkers who strive to provide their clients with accurate costings and funds management from pre-design to design to construction to operation to obsolescence.” says Robert de Vries, President of DACE.

The program will present keynote speakers that are top of their class in their respective field of interest.
Weaving through the congress there will be themes that highlight clear pathways to the professionals who want to stay on top of their game. The themes include new directions for
Quantity Surveyors and Cost Estimators, cost management, innovation in construction, BIM, infrastructure, international law and standards, costs in sustainability, construction technology and innovation, industry relationships, global cost management, and project management.

What is the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC)?

The International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) is a non-political and non-profit organization that was founded in 1976 with the object of promoting cooperation between national and multinational cost engineering, quantity surveying and project management organizations worldwide for their mutual wellbeing and that of their individual members. Click Here for an information kit about ICEC.

ICEC member societies are located in more than 40 countries, and have chapters or sections in many additional countries. Through these chapters and sections, ICEC has access to more than 300,000 cost engineers and project managers in over 120 different nations. Regular ICEC meetings are attended by delegates of the member societies where subjects of common interests are exchanged and discussed. Each member society has one vote on the Council.

What is the Dutch Association of Cost Engineers (DACE)?

DACE is the network and knowledge center for Cost Engineering and Value Management in the Dutch language area.

DACE is an independent foundation with business participants (combined with the NAP Foundation) and individual participants (together referred to as participants). DACE is a member of the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC).